Coordinator: Steve Roberts
Office: Browning Learning Resource Center Room 117
Phone: (435) 652-7699
FAX: (435) 879-4005
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Dixie State University has been selected as a "Military Friendly School" by G.I. Jobs magazine, and is designated as member of the Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC) Consortium. DSU offers Veteran Student Services through the Registrar’s Office, where the Veteran Student Services staff are honored to assist military members and entitled family members in using their education benefits. The Veterans Coordinator and the Registrar's Office staff are available to help students through the process of admissions, eligibility, registration and maximizing their benefits to pursue educational, professional, or vocational goals.  Veterans attending DSU are authorized priority registration.

The certification process for students who are eligible for Veteran Education Benefits involves DSU, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  Tuition assistance through component programs such as GoArmyEd and the Utah National Guard also involves DSU and the veteran. The approval and funding process may take 6 - 8 weeks; therefore, we encourage applicants to complete required paperwork and be fully admitted as soon as possible.

To receive education benefits, applicants must apply online here:   Contact the Veterans Coordinator if you need assistance with the application.

In order to receive Veteran Education Benefits, applicants will need to provide the DSU Veterans Student Services office with a copy of the VA Certificate of Eligibility, the most recent copy of their DD-214 (Military Discharge Orders), or an LES (Leave & Earnings Statement) if they are still on active duty.  Dependents are not required to provide the DD-214 or LES.

The Veterans Administration administers several education programs that can be used at DSU. These can be viewed by visiting the VA website, or click the links below for specific information on each program.

DSU Veteran Student Services helps students qualify and remain eligible for a variety of Federal programs, including:

Students must be matriculated (enrolled in a degree program) to qualify for Veteran Education Benefits unless they are pending admission, in which case they can be certified for two semesters. Students receiving Veteran Education Benefits under Chapter 30, Chapter 1606, and Chapter 1607 are required to verify enrollment each month through WAVE (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment). 

There are also State of Utah Education Benefits available:

  • If you are stationed in Utah on active duty military orders, or are a Utah resident stationed outside the state, you and your spouse/dependents likely qualify for resident tuition rates.  Likewise, recipients of Chapter 30 and Chapter 33 may also qualify for residency tuition depending on documentation showing intent to become a Utah resident.
  • The State of Utah offers some scholarships/waivers for military member’s surviving dependents. Submit a copy of the relevant DD-214 to the DSU Veteran Student Service office to obtain the Purple Heart or Scott Lundell tuition waiver.

Tutoring is available at no cost to all DSU students in a variety of subjects including Mathematics and Science. The Tutoring Center is located in the Holland Centennial Commons (fourth floor). Veteran students receiving VA educational benefits, except for 1607 (REAP), can be reimbursed for up to $100 per month for tutoring services.  Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation recipients must coordinate tutoring services with their VA Counselor.  

The University also offers a Writing Center (located on the fourth floor of the Holland Centennial Commons) and an Online Writing Lab.

Students may require the services of the Disability Resource Center to evaluate disability documentation, determine eligibility, and implement reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities enrolled at the University. 

Selecting a major, adding classes, dropping classes, withdrawing from classes, or being placed on academic probation may affect eligibility for Veteran Education Benefits. Before repeating any course, you should consult the Veterans Coordinator to ensure eligibility for Veteran Education Benefits. In addition, Veteran Education Benefits are limited to General Education courses, major and emphasis requirements, and necessary electives. Consult the Veterans Coordinator for specific information.

Students receiving VA benefits are required to notify the Veterans Coordinator of any changes (add/drop/withdrawal) to their schedule.  A “W” grade will be reported to the VA with the last day of attendance and may result in a repayment requirement. Once the VA receives this information, you may be given an opportunity to present mitigating circumstances.

Military Credit

To determine if military credit may be awarded, veterans will need to provide a copy of their DD 214 (Member 4 Copy) discharge papers and official military transcripts to Dixie State University Veterans Coordinator in the Registrar’s Office:, (435) 652-7699 (address listed above). Military course credit may be accepted based on ACE recommendations from the Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experiences in the Armed Services and review by the academic department. Credit will be awarded for Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Codes when they directly correlate with a Dixie State University course. Scores for military credit are not included in any GPA calculation.

Veteran Schedule Accommodations

A student who is in "uniformed service" may request a schedule accommodation for short-term required military activities (deployment, activation, or mobilization) that must take place during the semester and are 14 calendar days or less in duration. If a student's absence is more than 14 calendar days in a full semester, they should consider doing a complete withdrawal from the semester. A student who is activated for military service should contact the Veteran's Coordinator in the Registrar's Office as soon as possible for assistance with issues concerning current classes, registration status, and/or educational benefits.

  • The student must provide instructors with a printed copy of their "orders" to request a military activity schedule accommodation.
  • In the event written "orders" give a student less than seven (7) calendar days from notification to the onset of the absence, instructors are still encouraged to work with the student concerning the requested schedule accommodation.
  • An instructor may determine that recurring, frequent, or lengthy absences will interfere with a student's ability to succeed in the course and recommend that the student seek an alternative.
  • A student who requires an extension to the original period of absence must contact the Registrar's Office, which will require verification of the required extension and then notify instructors, who may recommend that the student seek an alternative.
  • Absences for required military activities may or may not be anticipated.
    • A student with advance notice of a required military activity may be required to complete course work prior to the absence.
    • If the student has less than seven (7) calendar days' notice (as certified by the written "orders"), the instructor should make every effort to work with the student to accomplish the schedule accommodation.