Co-operative Education (COOP)


COOP 1800R. Cooperative Work Experience. 1-3 Hours.

Cooperative Education is open to all students with COOP program permission and after completion of a written agreement. A planned program of new or expanded paid or volunteer work experience learning requiring students to establish measurable learning objectives, including the activities and desired outcomes, and then to accomplish those objectives. Students must meet with the instructor on a regular basis, usually each week, and the instructor is required to make one or more site visits. Students must document their work hours as follows: 1 credit = at least 6 hrs per week or 100 hours during the semester: 2 credits = 12 hours per week or 180 hours during the semester: 3 credits = 18 hours per week or 270 hours during the semester. A maximum of 12 COOP/work experience credits can be applied to any DSU degree. Prerequisite: Permission must be obtained from the director of cooperative education before registration. FA, SP, SU.