Master of Accountancy

Program Curriculum

30 credits

MAcc Requirements

ACCT 6010Accounting Professionalism, Communication and Ethics3
ACCT 6110Financial Accounting and Reporting3
ACCT 6120Business Environment and Concepts3
ACCT 6130Auditing and Attestation3
ACCT 6140Laws and Regulations3
ACCT 6200Tax Research and Communications3
ACCT 6210Advanced Individual Taxation3
ACCT 6220Advanced Pass through Entities3
Complete six (6) credits from the following:
Estates, Gifts and Multijurisdictional Tax
Advanced Cost Accounting
Graduate Accounting Internship/Work Experience
Financial Modeling and Decision Making

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete 30 approved credit hours with no grade lower than a C
  2. Earn a 3.0 or higher grade point average in the graduate program.
  3. Apply for graduation by the posted deadline
  4. Gain final approval for graduation from the Graduate Council.
  5. Complete all other program and university requirements.

Graduation Plan

Plan of Study Grid
1st Year
Fall SemesterHours
ACCT 6220 Advanced Pass through Entities 3
ACCT 6120 Business Environment and Concepts 3
ACCT 6230
Estates, Gifts and Multijurisdictional Tax
or Financial Modeling and Decision Making
ACCT 6110 Financial Accounting and Reporting 3
Spring Semester
ACCT 6130 Auditing and Attestation 3
ACCT 6900
Graduate Accounting Internship/Work Experience
or Advanced Cost Accounting
ACCT 6140 Laws and Regulations 3
Summer Semester
ACCT 6010 Accounting Professionalism, Communication and Ethics 3
ACCT 6200 Tax Research and Communications 3
ACCT 6210 Advanced Individual Taxation 3
 Total Hours30