Bachelor of Science in Biology - Natural Sciences Emphasis

The Bachelor of Science in Biology - Natural Sciences Emphasis degree has six basic components:

  1. General Education and Institutional Requirements (some may also be included in program requirements)
  2. Biology core requirements
  3. Mathematics & Physical Science requirements
  4. Additional Biology requirements
  5. Biology electives requirements
  6. Electives: college-level courses from any prefix to meet Graduation Requirements

DSU General Education & Institutional Requirements

All DSU General Education and Institutional requirements must be fulfilled. A previously earned degree may fulfill those requirements, but courses must be equivalent to DSU’s minimum General Education standards in American Institutions, English, and Mathematics.

Institutional Requirement in Computer Literacy
Computer Literacy Course(s)0-6
General Education Core Requirements
English GE Courses3-7
Information Literacy GE Course0-1
Mathematics GE course3-5
American Institutions GE course(s)3-6
Life Sciences GE course(s)3-10
Physical Sciences GE course(s)3-5
Laboratory Science GE course0-1
Fine Arts GE course3
Literature/Humanities GE course3
Social & Behavioral Sciences GE course3
Exploration GE course3-5
Two (2) Global & Cultural Perspectives Courses0-6
Biology Core Requirements
BIOL 1610
  & BIOL 1615
Principles of Biology I
   and Principles of Biology I Lab
or BIOL 1610A
  & BIOL 1615A
Honors Prin of Biology I
   and Honors Prin. of Biology Lab
BIOL 1620
  & BIOL 1625
Principles of Biology II
   and Principles of Biology II Lab
or BIOL 1620A
  & BIOL 1625A
Honors Prin of Biology II
   and Honors Prin of Biology II Lab
BIOL 3010Evolution3
BIOL 3030Principles of Genetics4
Mathematics & Physical Science Requirements
CHEM 1210
  & CHEM 1215
Principles of Chemistry I
   and Principles of Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 1220
  & CHEM 1225
Principles of Chemistry II
   and Principles of Chemistry II Lab
ENVS 1010Intro to Environmental Science3
GEO 1010
  & GEO 1115
Introduction to Geology
   and Physical Geology Lab
MATH 1040Introduction to Statistics3-4
or MATH 1050 College Algebra / Pre-Calculus
PHYS 1010
  & PHYS 1015
Elementary Physics
   and Elementary Physics Lab
or PHYS 2010
  & PHYS 2015
College Physics I
   and College Physics I Lab
Complete one (1) additional Physical Sciences (CHEM, ENVS, GEO, PHYS, GEOG 1000/05, GEOG 1020/25) course not used to fill another requirement.
Additional Biology Requirements
BIOL 2400
  & BIOL 2405
Plant Kingdom
   and Plant Kingdom Lab
BIOL 3040
  & BIOL 3045
General Ecology
   and General Ecology Lab
Complete one (1) of the following sets of courses:
BIOL 3340
  & BIOL 3345
Plant Anatomy
   and Plant Anatomy Lab
BIOL 4200
  & BIOL 4205
Plant Taxonomy
   and Plant Taxonomy Lab
BIOL 4460
  & BIOL 4465
Plant Ecology
   and Plant Ecology Lab
BIOL 4600
  & BIOL 4605
Plant Physiology
   and Plant Physiology Lab
Complete two (2) of the following sets of courses:
BIOL 3200
  & BIOL 3205
Invertebrate Zoology
   and Invertebrate Zoology Lab
BIOL 4230
  & BIOL 4235
General Parasitology
   and General Parasitology Lab
BIOL 4260
  & BIOL 4265
   and Herpetology Lab
BIOL 4270
  & BIOL 4275
   and Ichthyology Lab
BIOL 4280Marine Biology3
BIOL 4350
  & BIOL 4355
Animal Behavior
   and Animal Behavior Lab
BIOL 4380
  & BIOL 4385
   and Ornithology Lab
BIOL 4411
  & BIOL 4415
   and Mammalogy Lab
BIOL 4440
  & BIOL 4445
General Entomology
   and General Entomology Lab
BIOL 4910Senior Seminar I1
or BIOL 4920 Senior Seminar II
Biology Electives
Complete 12 credits from the following or from any upper-division BIOL course listed above not already used to fulfill a requirement.
BIOL 3100Bioethics3
BIOL 3150
  & BIOL 3155
Biostatistics and the Scientific Method
   and Biostatistics and the Scientific Method Lab
BIOL 3110Scientific Writing2
BIOL 3140
  & BIOL 3145
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
   and Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Lab
BIOL 3250Cancer Biology2
BIOL 3340
  & BIOL 3345
Plant Anatomy
   and Plant Anatomy Lab
BIOL 3360Developmental Biology3
BIOL 3450
  & BIOL 3455
General Microbiology
   and General Microbiology Lab
BIOL 3460Biology of Infectious Disease3
BIOL 3470Introduction to Immunology3
BIOL 3550
  & BIOL 3555
Eukaryotic Cell Biology
   and Eukaryotic Cell Biology Lab
BIOL 4190
  & BIOL 4195
Mammalian Histology
   and Mammalian Histology Lab
BIOL 4240
  & BIOL 4245
   and Virology Lab
BIOL 4300
  & BIOL 4305
Molecular Biology
   and Molecular Biology Laboratory
BIOL 4500
  & BIOL 4505
Comparative Vertebrate Physiology
   and Comparative Vertebrate Physiology Lab
BIOL 4810RIndependent Research I1-4
or BIOL 4820R Independent Research II
or BIOL 4830R Independent Research III
BIOL 4930RSenior Thesis1-4
GEOG 3600
  & GEOG 3605
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
   and Introduction to Geographic Information Systems Laboratory

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 120 college-level credits (1000 and above).
  2. Complete at least 40 upper-division credits (3000 and above).
  3. Complete at least 30 upper-division credits at DSU for institutional residency.
  4. Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher.
  5. Grade C or higher required (not C-) in each Program Requirement, Core Discipline Requirement, and Biology Elective Requirement course.
  6. Maximum 6 total credits of BIOL 4810R, BIOL 4820R, BIOL 4830R, and/or BIOL 4930R may be used toward Biology requirements.

Graduation Plan

1st Year
Fall SemesterHours
BIOL 1001FYE: Biological Sciences1
BIOL 1610
  & BIOL 1615
Principles of Biology I5
CHEM 1110
  & CHEM 1115
Elem General/Organic Chemistry5
ENGL 1010Introduction to Writing3
LIB 1010Information Literacy1
 Term Hours15
Spring Semester
BIOL 1620
  & BIOL 1625
Principles of Biology II5
CHEM 1120
  & CHEM 1125
Elem Organic / Bio Chemistry5
MATH 1050College Algebra / Pre-Calculus4
 Term Hours15
2nd Year
Fall Semester
BIOL 2400
  & BIOL 2405
Plant Kingdom4
BIOL 3030Principles of Genetics4
ENGL 2010Interm Writing Selected Topics:3
 Term Hours14
Spring Semester
BIOL 3010Evolution3
ENVS 1010Intro to Environmental Science3
PHYS 1010
  & PHYS 1015
Elementary Physics4
General Education Social & Behavioral Sciences course3
 Term Hours15
3rd Year
Fall Semester
BIOL 3040
  & BIOL 3045
General Ecology4
Biology organismal course #14
Biology upper-division plant course3
General Education Fine Arts course3
 Term Hours15
Spring Semester
BIOL electives3
BIOL organismal course #24
General Education GLOCUP course3
Additional Physical Sciences course3
 Term Hours16
4th Year
Fall Semester
GEO 1110
  & GEO 1115
Physical Geology4
BIOL electives4
General Education American Institutions course3
General Education GLOCUP course3
 Term Hours15
Spring Semester
BIOL 4920Senior Seminar II1
BIOL electives5
General Education GLOCUP course3
General Education Literature / Humanities course3
 Term Hours15
Total Hour: 120