Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

Program Curriculum

60 credits

DSU General Education Requirements

All DSU General Education requirements must be fulfilled. A previously earned degree may fulfill those requirements, but courses must be equivalent to DSU’s minimum General Education standards in American Institutions, English, and Mathematics.

General Education Core Requirements
American Institutions3-6
Life Sciences 3-10
Physical Sciences3-5
Laboratory Science0-1
Fine Arts3
Social & Behavioral Sciences3
Exploration 3-5
Discipline Core Requirements
CJ 1010Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CJ 1330Criminal Law3
CJ 1340Criminal Investigation3
CJ 2350Laws of Evidence3
Discipline Elective Requirements
Complete a minimum of 9 (nine) credits in any DSU Criminal Justice courses other than CJ 4890R.
Students planning to earn a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice should take MATH 1040 to fulfill the GE: Mathematics requirement.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 60 college-level credits (1000 and above).
  2. Complete at least 20 lower-division credits at DSU for institutional residency.
  3. Minimum C- grade in Discipline Core Requirements.
  4. Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher.

Graduation Plan

Plan of Study Grid
1st Year
Fall SemesterHours
First Year Recommended Elective 2
CJ 1010 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
ENGL 1010 Introduction to Writing (EN) 3
MATH 0980 Transitional Math IIB (if needed) 4
General Education (Fine Arts) 3
Spring Semester
CJ 1330 Criminal Law 3
CJ 1340 Criminal Investigation 3
ENGL 2010 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics: (EN) 3
MATH 1040 Introduction to Statistics (MA) 3
General Elective 1
2nd Year
Fall Semester
CJ 2350 Laws of Evidence 3
CJ elective (CJ course) 3
General Education (American Institutions) 3
General Education (Physical Sciences / Lab) 4
General Education (Literature/Humanities) 3
Spring Semester
CJ elective (CJ course) 3
CJ elective (CJ course) 3
General Education (Exploration) 3
General Education (Life Sciences) 4
General Education (Social & Behavioral Sciences) 3
 Total Hours60