General Studies

Contact the Academic Advisement Center, (435) 652-7690, for more information on these degrees:

The General Studies program at Dixie State University focuses on General Education and electives to help students prepare for future study in bachelor’s degrees. Students must complete the required General Education courses for an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science, and students may choose from other courses to complete at least 60 college-level credits. The Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree usually involves the first two years of college-level study for a full-time student.

A student who receives an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science (not Associate of Applied Science) degree is considered to have fulfilled the General Education requirements at Dixie State University and other Utah System of Higher Education institutions. The Associate of Arts degree also requires a foreign language. For specific courses fulfilling these requirements, see the General Education section of this catalog. For specific information about transferring to another institution, consult that institution’s admissions office.

Students who are interested in pursuing bachelor’s or applied associate’s degrees at Dixie State University are urged to contact the advisor for that major as soon as possible in their college studies so they can maximize elective credits in the associate’s degree by fulfilling degree requirements.

Students who have not selected a bachelor’s or applied associate degree program, or who wish to transfer after completing either their General Education courses or an Associate of Art/Science degree, are urged to contact the Academic Advisement Center for assistance in planning their college coursework.

Student who wish to transfer to another institution within the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) do not have to complete all 60 credits for an associate’s degree to fulfill GE requirements. A student who completes DSU’s General Education requirements and has a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA may request a General Education “Letter of Completion,” which will be accepted by other USHE institutions in fulfillment of General Education requirements in the same manner as an associate of science or associate of art degree. Under the authority of the Registrar’s Office, the Academic Advisement Center may issue a General Education Letter of Completion to eligible students.

For more information on the General Education component of these degrees, consult the General Education section of this catalog.