Minor in History

21 credits

Core History Requirements
HIST 2700U.S. History to 18773
HIST 2710U.S. History Since 18773
Complete one of the following pairs of classes:
HIST 1100
HIST 1110
Western Civilization: From Pre-History to 1715
and Western Civilization: From 1715 to Present
HIST 1500
HIST 1510
World History to 1500
and World History Since 1500
History Electives
Complete 9 credits from the following courses:
HIST 3010RSpecial Topics in History3
HIST 3040Early Modern Britain (1485-1716)3
HIST 3150Russian History from 1860-19243
HIST 3160Russian History 1924-Present3
HIST 3180Nineteenth Century Europe3
HIST 3190Twentieth Century Europe3
HIST 3240British History (1714-Present)3
HIST 3460Comparative Asian History3
HIST 3480East Asia to 18003
HIST 3490East Asia Since 18003
HIST 3550Culture of East Asia3
HIST 3620History of Colonial Latin America3
HIST 3630History of Modern Latin America3
HIST 3640History of Latin American Revolutions3
HIST 3660History of Mexico3
HIST 3670Slavery & the American Republic3
HIST 3720Colonial America (1607-1763)3
HIST 3730The American Civil War and Reconstruction (1848-1876)3
HIST 3740Emergence of Modern America (1876 - 1941)3
HIST 3750Contemporary America (1941-Present)3
HIST 3870History of Utah3
HIST 4310History of Nationalism3
HIST 4370History of Social Movements in Modern America3
HIST 4400Introduction to Islam3
HIST 4490Nazi Germany and the Holocaust3
HIST 4700African-American History 1619-Present3
HIST 4710The American Revolution3
HIST 4720The New Nation (1789-1848)3
HIST 4730Society and Culture in the United States (1780-1860)3
HIST 4800RIndependent Study1-3

Completion Requirement

  • Complete all courses that fulfill requirements in the minor with a grade C or higher.


An academic minor is an attribute of a baccalaureate degree, not an entity by itself, and can only be awarded at the same time a student graduates with a bachelor’s degree.  Students must declare a minor prior to submitting a graduation application.  A minor may not be added to a previously awarded degree.  Students must complete the minor requirements prior to or concurrent with completion of their bachelor’s degree requirements.  Minors are not available with associate’s degrees.

Students may not declare a minor that is in the same discipline as their major.  Example:  English majors cannot declare any English minor.  

Integrated Studies majors may not have an academic minor in the same discipline as either of their two declared emphases.  Example:  An Integrated Studies major with emphases in English and Spanish cannot receive a minor in either English or Spanish.