Bachelor of Arts/Science in Integrated Studies - Humanities Emphasis

21 credits

Emphasis Requirements
HUM 3000Period Studies in Humanities: [Time Period]3
HUM 3100Area Studies in Humanities: [Area]3
HUM 3500Topics in Humanities: [Topic]3
Elective Courses:
Complete a total of four courses (12 credits) from the following:
HUM 3050Gothic Humanities3
HUM 3070The Global Arts: 1900-Today3
HUM 3500Topics in Humanities: [Topic]3
PHIL 3100Aesthetics: Art and the Beautiful3
PHIL 3200Philosophy in Literature: Historical Perspectives3
PHIL 3900Topics in Philosophy3
ONE of the following may be used to fulfill the elective requirement above.
ARTH 3030Medieval Art3
ARTH 3050Renaissance Art3
ARTH 3080Nineteenth Century Art3
ARTH 3090Twentieth Century Art3
ENGL 3201Genre Studies: Folklore 13
ENGL 3202Genre Studies: Poetry 13
ENGL 3203Genre Studies: Novels 13
ENGL 3280Major World Authors 13
ENGL 3400World Literature 13
MUSC 3630Music History & Literature I3
MUSC 3640Music History & Literature II3
SPAN 4610Spanish Peninsular Literature to 1800 23
SPAN 4620Spanish Peninsular Literature From 1800 23

1 ENGL 2010 is the prerequisite for this course.

2 SPAN 3060 is the prerequisite for this course.


  1. Students must select and complete two emphases and Core Requirements.
  2. Grade C or higher in each Emphasis Area course required.