Bachelor of Arts/Science in Integrated Studies - Digital Film Production Emphasis

24 credits

Emphasis Requirements

Digital Film Production Emphasis
COMM 1050Introduction to Communication Theory3
MDIA 3060Media Theory3
MDIA 1500Intro to Mediated Communication3
or MDIA 2010 Media & Society
Complete 15 credits from the following (12 credits must be upper-division):
MDIA 1130Writing for Media Audiences3
MDIA 1560Audio and Radio3
MDIA 2600Beginning Screenwriting3
MDIA 2660Introduction to Digital Motion Picture Production3
MDIA 3410Gender in Media3
MDIA 3480New Social Media3
MDIA 3510Media Ethics3
MDIA 3580Case Studies in Strategic Communication3
MDIA 3560Visual Communication3
MDIA 3640Digital Motion Picture Pre-Production3
MDIA 3660
  & MDIA 3665
Digital Motion Picture Production
   and Digital Motion Picture Production Lab
MDIA 3680
  & MDIA 3685
Digital Motion Picture Post-Production
   and Digital Motion Picture Post-Production Lab
MDIA 4100
  & MDIA 4105
Documentary Production
   and Documentary Production Lab
MDIA 4260Media Law3
MDIA 4680Multimedia Journalism3
MDIA 4700
  & MDIA 4705
Advanced Digital Film Production
   and Advanced Digital Motion Picture Production Lab
MDIA 4790Advanced Audio Production3
MDIA 4800
  & MDIA 4805
Advanced Digital Film Post-Production
   and Advanced Digital Film Post-Production Lab


  1. Students must select and complete two emphases and Core Requirements.
  2. Grade C or higher in each Emphasis Area course required.