Associate of Science in Pre-Engineering (APE)

The Associate of Pre-Engineering degree has five basic components:

  1. General Education & Institutional Requirements
  2. Math and Science Requirements
  3. Pre-Engineering Requirements
  4. Elective Requirements
  5. Electives (if applicable): college-level courses from any prefix to meet Graduation Requirements

DSU General Education & Institutional Requirements

All DSU General Education and Institutional requirements must be fulfilled. A previously earned degree may fulfill those requirements, but courses must be equivalent to DSU’s minimum General Education standards in American Institutions, English, and Mathematics.

Institutional Requirement in Computer Literacy
Computer Literacy0-6
General Education Core Requirements
Information Literacy0-1
American Institutions3-6
Life Sciences 3-10
Physical Sciences3-5
Laboratory Science0-1
Fine Arts3
Social & Behavioral Sciences3
Exploration 3-5
Two (2) Global & Cultural Perspectives Courses0-6
Math and Science Requirements
CHEM 1210
CHEM 1215
Principles of Chemistry I
and Principles of Chemistry I Lab
MATH 1210Calculus I4
MATH 1220Calculus II4
MATH 2210Multivariable Calculus4
MATH 2270Linear Algebra3
MATH 2280Ordinary Differential Equation3
PHYS 2210
PHYS 2215
Physics/Scientists Engineers I
and Physics/Scientists Engineers Lab
Complete one of the following sets of courses:
CHEM 1220
CHEM 1225
Principles of Chemistry II
and Principles of Chemistry II Lab
PHYS 2220
PHYS 2225
Physics/Scientists EngineersII
and Physics/Scientists Engineers II Lab
Pre-Engineering Requirements
ENGR 1050Intro to Engineering Design3
or MECH 1000 Design: Introduction to Mechanical Design & Rapid Prototyping
ENGR 2010Statics3
Elective Requirements
Complete at least six (6) credits from the following:
CHEM 1220Principles of Chemistry II4
CHEM 1225Principles of Chemistry II Lab1
CHEM 2310Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 2315Organic Chemistry I Lab1
CHEM 2320Organic Chemistry II4
CHEM 2325Organic Chemistry II Lab1
CS 1400Fundamentals of Programming3
CS 1410Object Oriented Programming3
CS 3005Programming in C++3
ENGR 2030Dynamics3
ENGR 2140Strength of Materials3
ENGR 2300Engineering Thermodynamics3
MATH 2200Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 3400Probability & Statistics3
MATH 3500Numerical Analysis3
PHYS 2220Physics/Scientists EngineersII4
PHYS 2225Physics/Scientists Engineers II Lab1
Drafting/Design Software packages

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 70 college-level credits (1000 and above).
  2. Complete at least 20 lower-division credits at DSU for institutional residency.
  3. Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher.