Associate of Applied Science in Respiratory Therapy

Program Curriculum

78 credits

Program Prerequisites

BIOL 2420
BIOL 2425
Human Physiology
and Human Physiology Lab
CHEM 1010Introduction to Chemistry (PS) 13-4
or CHEM 1110 Elementary General/Organic Chemistry (PS)
ENGL 1010Introduction to Writing (EN)3
or ENGL 1010D Introduction to Writing (EN)
ENGL 2010Intermediate Writing Selected Topics: (EN)3
MATH 1040Introduction to Statistics (MA) (preferred)3-4
or MATH 1030 Quantitative Reasoning (MA)
or MATH 1050 College Algebra / Pre-Calculus
PSY 1010General Psychology (SS, GC) (preferred)3
or PSY 1100 Human Development Through Lifespan (SS) (GC)
or SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology (SS, GC)
or SOC 1020 Social Problems (SS, GC)
or SOC 1200 Sociology of the Family (SS)

Respiratory Therapy Core Requirements

(Admission to DSU Respiratory Therapy Program Required)
Semester I
RESP 1010Introduction to Respiratory Therapy and Medical Terminology2
RESP 2020Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology3
RESP 2030Introduction to Pathophysiology3
RESP 2040Respiratory Care Therapeutics I3
RESP 2041Laboratory Practice/Therapeutics I2
RESP 2060Patient Assessment2
Semester II
RESP 2050Introduction to Respiratory Care Pharmacology3
RESP 2065Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology3
RESP 2070Respiratory Care Therapeutics II3
RESP 2071Laboratory Practice/Therapeutics II2
RESP 2100Clinical Practice I5
Semester III
RESP 2200Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics3
RESP 2300Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation3
RESP 2301Laboratory/Adult Mechanical Ventilation2
RESP 2310Clinical Practice II5
RESP 3005Critical Care/ACLS3
Semester IV
RESP 2400Alternative Site and Subacute Respiratory Care1
RESP 3020Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care2
RESP 3021Laboratory Practice/Neonatal Care2
RESP 3100Clinical Practice III5
RESP 3150Critical Thinking Seminar/NBRC Review2

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 78 college-level credits (1000 and above).
  2. Complete at least 20 lower-division credits at DSU for institutional residency.
  3. Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher.
  4. Grade C or higher in all Discipline Core Requirements.

Graduation Plan

Plan of Study Grid
1st Year
Fall SemesterHours
First Year Recommended Elective 2
CHEM 1010
CHEM 1015
Introduction to Chemistry (PS)
and Intro to Chemistry Lab
ENGL 1010 Introduction to Writing (EN) 3
MATH 1040 Introduction to Statistics (MA) 3
Spring Semester
BIOL 2420
BIOL 2425
Human Physiology
and Human Physiology Lab
PSY 1010
General Psychology (SS, GC)
or Human Development Through Lifespan (SS) (GC)
or Human Development Lifespan (SS, GC)
or Introduction to Sociology (SS, GC)
or Social Problems (SS, GC)
or Sociology of the Family (SS)
ENGL 2010 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics: (EN) 3
2nd Year
Fall Semester
RESP 1010 Introduction to Respiratory Therapy and Medical Terminology 2
RESP 2020 Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology 3
RESP 2030 Introduction to Pathophysiology 3
RESP 2040 Respiratory Care Therapeutics I 3
RESP 2041 Laboratory Practice/Therapeutics I 2
RESP 2060 Patient Assessment 2
Spring Semester
RESP 2050 Introduction to Respiratory Care Pharmacology 3
RESP 2065 Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology 3
RESP 2070 Respiratory Care Therapeutics II 3
RESP 2071 Laboratory Practice/Therapeutics II 2
RESP 2100 Clinical Practice I 5
Summer Semester
RESP 2200 Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics 3
RESP 2300 Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation 3
RESP 2301 Laboratory/Adult Mechanical Ventilation 2
RESP 2310 Clinical Practice II 5
RESP 3005 Critical Care/ACLS 3
3rd Year
Fall Semester
RESP 2400 Alternative Site and Subacute Respiratory Care 1
RESP 3020 Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care 2
RESP 3021 Laboratory Practice/Neonatal Care 2
RESP 3100 Clinical Practice III 5
RESP 3150 Critical Thinking Seminar/NBRC Review 2
 Total Hours81