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ART 3650. 3-D Animation. 3 Hours.

For students pursuing a degree in Computer and Information Technology, or a degree in ART with an emphasis in Graphic Design or Sculpture. Follow-on course to DES 3600/ART 3610, covers aspects of 3D animation design, story boarding, character development, and animation rendering of 3D models suitable for broadcast or composite video use. Maya 3D software will be used to create multiple short animation projects individually and in teams. Includes rigid/soft body animation solvers, dynamic particles, deformation and effects fields, IK/FK rigging, and multi-frame rendering output, use of key frames, ease in/ease out controls, the timeline, realistic modeling techniques, set lighting, shadows, multi-layer surfacing, photorealistic rendering, and video formats for final output. Dual listed with DES 3650 (students may only take one course for credit). Course fee required. Prerequisite: DES 3600 or ART 3610 (Grade C- or higher). SP.