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BIOL 3460. Biology of Infectious Disease. 3 Hours.

For Biology majors. Provides a modern view of bacterial and viral diseases in order to build a foundation for more advanced studies in microbiology, microbial pathogenesis, and immunology. The agents of infectious diseases demonstrate excellent examples of natural selection. The various adaptations of the pathogen and defenses of the host illustrate some of the most amazing mechanisms in biology. Covers characteristics of microbes, corresponding defense mechanisms evolved by hosts of these microbes, and mechanisms of pathogenesis during infection. Molecular, cellular, and physiological concepts will be developed through use of both clinical and epidemiological pictures of selected diseases. Successful completers will have an understanding of the importance of microbes to biological communities and how evolution has impacted and continues to influence aspects of disease transmission and control. Prerequisites: BIOL 3010 and BIOL 3030 (Grade C or higher). SU.