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BIOL 4520. Psychobiology. 3 Hours.

Psychobiology is a senior-level course with a laboratory component. Nerve cell conduction, neurotransmission, and neuroanatomy are investigated in the context of human cognition and behavior through lecture, discussion, neural simulation, and lab dissection. A research-based approach is used throughout the course, and students complete research projects in lab using neural simulation software. Ethical issues in brain research are integrated into discussions when relevant. Dual listed with PSY 4520. Students may only take one course for credit. Co-requisite: PSY 4525 or BIOL 4525. Prerequisites: PSY 3710 OR BIOL 2420 (either Grade C or higher); AND PSY 3000 OR BIOL 3150 (either Grade C or higher); AND Psychology major, Biology major, or Integrated Studies major with Psychology or Biology emphasis. SP (Even.