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EDUC 4700. Foundations of Dual Language Immersion Education. 3 Hours.

For those seeking Dual Immersion Education endorsement. Emphasizes the theoretical and practical background about Dual Immersion Education. Overview of Dual Language Immersion Education, program models, teaching and learning issues in Dual Language Immersion Programs, and challenges of Dual Language Immersion Programs will be addressed to assist the success of prospective immersion teachers in the classroom. Eligible languages include Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, and Portuguese. This course meets partial requirements for the Dual Language Immersion Endorsement for the state of Utah. Dual listed with HUM 4000 and SPAN 4000 (students may only take one course for credit). Prerequisite: Must be admitted to DSU teacher preparation program or have a Utah teaching license. Instructor permission required. FA, SP, SU (Even years).

THEA 4700. Sec Educ Theatre Methods. 3 Hours.

Required for theatre majors pursuing the secondary education emphasis. Focuses on theatre education pedagogy and skills for secondary (grades 7-12) learning environments. Lecture, seminar discussion, and practicum experiences in local secondary schools are the modes of instruction for this course. Teacher candidates will develop lesson plans based on national and state standards that include subject matter, instructional methods, assessments, and analysis of student learning from their practicum experience. Combined lecture/practicum. Prerequisite: Admission to the Dixie State University Secondary Education Teaching (SET) program. FA.