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ENGL 3216. Depictions of the Holocaust in Literature & Film. 3 Hours.

Suggested for English majors pursuing an emphasis in Literary Studies and anyone interested in exploring the links between a historical moment--the Holocaust--and numerous creative works that have been developed in response to it, including memoir, novels, short stories, poetry, and film. Introduces themes, motifs and other narrative elements that distinguish novels, memoirs, and motion pictures produced since 1945, the year the Nazi death camps were discovered and liberated. Authors studied will include Elie Wiesel, Charlotte Delbo, Primo Levi, Thomas Keneally, Hannah Arendt, and Tadeusz Borowski. The course will also consider the ethical challenges that arise around the Holocaust and its depictions, addressing commercial novels, television productions, and motion pictures, such as The Book Thief, Holocaust, and Schindler's List, which critics have charged with exploiting human suffering for profit. Course offered in rotation; consult class schedule. Prerequisite: ENGL 2010 or ENGL 2010A (Grade C or higher).