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ENGL 4140. Advanced Fiction Technique. 3 Hours.

Fulfills an elective requirement for the Creative Writing emphasis. Suggested for English majors pursuing an emphasis in Creative Writing and anyone interested in exploring advanced fictional storytelling technique. Invites students to build upon foundational understanding of plot structure, characterization, dialogue, and symbolism introduced and developed in ENGL 2140: Creative Writing and ENGL 3140: Fiction Writing. Types of narrative strategies, modes, and forms analyzed and practiced during the course will be determined according to instructor expertise and may include the graphic novel, horror and fantasy, crime fiction, flash fiction, among others. Students will read, research, and discuss published narrative models at length to improve their understanding of the conventions, the history, and the practitioners associated with the forms and modes they are learning to produce. Students will craft original fiction and critical analyses of assigned readings and and conduct a major research project. Prerequisite: ENGL 2140 (Grade C or higher). Course offered in rotation; consult class schedule.