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ESL 2700. Advanced Reading in English. 4 Hours.

Fulfills General Education Foreign Language requirement. Designed to help ESL students develop reading skills which are necessary for more rigorous academic work. Students will work on higher-level vocabulary development skills, dictionary skills, English usage skills, comprehension skills, and study strategies related to reading in the academic content areas. This course partially qualifies students to receive an Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Arts degree. Offered based on sufficient student need. Prerequisite: CaMLA-ELT Reading score 28-31, or ESL 0500 (Grade B or higher).

Placement Requirements

...Accuplacer college placement tests. ESL courses may have...higher (or equivalent) HIST 2700 and HIST 2710...

English as a Second Language (ESL)

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Humanities Department

...higher in ESL 2700 enables a student to request "vertical credit" for ESL 1500 (4...