Cooperative Education

Location: Career Center, 5th Floor Holland Centennial Commons
Office: 521 HCC
Phone: 435-652-7737

The General Cooperative Education (Co Op) course COOP 1800 provides a beneficial three-way partnership between the employer, the student, and the University. Cooperative Education provides the opportunity to apply classroom learning to practical problems on the job.  It allows students to work with professionals in the field they are preparing to enter. Students learn the competitive nature of the job market and what is needed to prepare for the best career positions. Students also get the competitive edge in the new graduate job market.

Co-op is designed to help the students in their career development process.  Students will identify their strengths and interests, resulting in a more focused approach to their academic journey at DSU.  They will also build a strong connection with their on campus mentor.

The General Cooperative Education course COOP 1800 is open to all students who are working in a job.  In a student’s freshmen year, the student can have an undeclared or general education major status, but they must be working toward declaring a major.  They will be encouraged to meet with a Career Counselor who will help them identify their strengths, values, and skills in order to make an informed decision.  In a student’s sophomore year, they are encouraged to have a declared major and to relate their job to their chosen career plan.  The 3rd and 4th times taking COOP they must be able to show a relationship between their job and their desired major in order to participate in the program.

Students enrolled in co-op classes meet with the instructor and employer at the beginning of the course to determine objectives, number of credits hours, hours to work, and to sign a work agreement form.