Honors (HON)


HON 1010. Honors Methods. 3 Hours.

Required for the Honors Program curriculum. Designed to help Honors students build their Honors portfolio, to offer a support system through faculty mentoring, to provide and promote a variety of academic opportunities, to engage in intellectual pursuits, to participate in undergraduate research, and to foster a community of scholars in the Honors Program. Prerequisite: Admission to the DSU Honors Program OR program director permission. SP.

HON 1020. Trailblazer Connections Honors. 3 Hours.

Required for all freshmen Honors Program students. This academic course is specifically designed to ease students' transition to Dixie State University and to prepare them for college success. In this course, students will learn the value of a college education including the purpose and value of general education. This Honors course develops high level learning and creative problem solving. This unique course focuses on helping students go about their DSU education as an intentional student--using resources, taking advantage of opportunities to develop holistically, and selecting courses that will enlighten the mind and enhance employability. This course allows students to develop a support network of classmates, faculty, and staff to help ensure a successful beginning to their academic experience. Prerequisite: Instructor permission. FA, SP.

HON 2010. Honors Guided Reading. 3 Hours.

Honors students consult with faculty to design reading plans based on the Oxford/Cambridge model. Prerequisite: HON 1010 (Pass Grade) or permission of program director. FA.

HON 3010. Honors Special Topics. 3 Hours.

Presents a topic, problem, or theme of broad academic interest. Honors students will engage in a challenging variety of academic activities, depending on the disciplinary focus of the topic. Research required. Repeatable as topic varies up to 9 credits. Prerequisite: HON 1010 or program director permission. FA, SP.

HON 4010. Honors Thesis. 3 Hours.

Honors students, in consultation with faculty, design, propose, and produce an original senior Honors thesis. Prerequisite: HON 2010 (Grade B or higher) AND Senior standing or permission of program director. FA, SP.