Individualized Studies (INDS)


INDS 3800. Individualized Studies Seminar. 3 Hours.

During the concurrent, tandem course of the INDS 3800 Seminar and the INDS 3805 Lab , the assignments cumulatively build toward the final Individualized Academic Plan (IAP) by requiring students to design, implement,evaluate, and modify their individualized major curriculum proposals within thematic concentrations repeatedly, until their professional and personal goals mesh with their own proposed learning outcomes and the general learning outcomes of the Individualized Studies degree, including the four core fluencies of (1) baccalaureate-level written composition skills, (2) basic competency in statistical comprehension, (3) capable public presentation, and (4) collaborative problem solving. Prerequisite: 60 semester credits or an Associate's degree. Corequisite: INDS 3805. FA, SP.

INDS 3805. Individualized Studies Lab. 1 Hour.

While assignments in INDS 3800 will engage students in a continuous process of self-assessment and plan-building, the INDS 3805 Lab, on the other hand, will provide a scaffolding for student advisement. Students will work, through face-to-face individual meetings with a senior interdisciplinary adviser, deeply familiar with the curricula of departments around DSU, to refine and render technically compliant their IAPs. Corequisite: INDS 3800. FA, SP.

INDS 4100R. Independent Study. 1-3 Hours.

For Individualized Studies majors who wish to pursue a specific focus of study related to their thematic concentration/research interest which is not otherwise available through an existing DSU course. Students are closely supervised by faculty in the design and successful completion of the course. The course is dependent upon a contractual arrangement between the assigned faculty member and the student. This agreement is submitted at the beginning of the semester in which coursework is undertaken, and is contingent upon the department chair's approval. Students meet with the faculty mentor each week to discuss the students' progress, and are required meet the college requirement of 45 hours of engagement per credit. Variable credit 1.0 - 3.0. Repeatable up to 9 credits subject to graduation and program restrictions. Offered based upon sufficient student need. Prerequisite: Individualized Studies major; and advanced standing; and instructor permission.

INDS 4700. Individualized Studies Portfolio. 3 Hours.

Serves as the summative capstone course for students who have been accepted into the Individualized Studies program and are in their final semester of coursework before receiving a Bachelor of Individualized Studies degree. Students will represent prior and on-going learning as well as life experience in the form of an electronic portfolio. The content of the e-portfolio will consist of evidence of competency in the learning outcomes that students craft for their Individualized Academic Plans (IAPs) during the INDS 3800/3805 course and lab. Additionally, students will complete professional documents, such as resumes and cover letters, that will aid them in pursuit of their post-graduate goals. This course guides them through the process of preparing their portfolio. Prerequisite: INDS 3800 and INDS 3805 (Grade C or higher); Instructor permission required. FA, SP.

INDS 4890R. Individualized Study Internship. 1-3 Hours.

Course provides opportunities for Individualized Studies majors to combine real-world experience with academic activities that are designed to support their unique learning and professional objectives. Goals and objectives must be proposed by the student and approved by the faculty mentor. Supplemental assignments will be assigned by the faculty mentor, and will include research and writing components. Students will be expected to meet with the faculty mentor regularly. Students may apply no more than 9 credits of internship courses to the Individualized Studies bachelor's degree. Variable credit: 1.0-3.0. Repeatable up to 9 credits subject to graduation restrictions. Prerequisite: Advanced status; Instructor Permission. FA, SP, SU.