Information Systems & Analytics (ISA)


ISA 3020. Structured Query Language for Business Users. 1 Hour.

This course seeks to introduce students to the basic Stuctured Query Language (SQL) commands that can be used in most relational Database Management Systems (DBMS) such as Oracle, SQL Server, mySQL, Microsoft Access, SAP, DB2, and PostgreSQL. This course will not only provide a theoretical foundation, but also hands-on practice executing and experimenting with those commands in multiple DBMS with a focus on business user's needs to solve business problems or aid decision making. Prerequisite: CIS 2010 (Grade C- or higher). FA, SP.

ISA 4060. Big Data Analytics. 3 Hours.

Course focuses on a theoretical and hands-on exploration of business intelligence and analytics. It covers current best practices in statistical and quantitative analysis using large-scale data sets, exploratory and predictive models, and evidence-based methods to improve business decisions and actions. Prerequisite: ISA 3020 or IT 4300 (both Grade C- or higher), and STAT 2040 (Grade C- or higher). FA.

ISA 4070. Big Data Visualization. 3 Hours.

A focus on the methods, tools and processes to effectively visually encode and present insights discovered from previously analyzed data. It includes practice transforming simple and complex data analysis outputs into relevant, accurate, and effective visual displays to improve communication and decision making. SP.

ISA 4600. Senior Project. 3 Hours.

Capstone course requiring the completion of an aggressive information systems and analytics project. Prerequisite: Senior Standing, OR Instructor Permission. SP.