Library (LIB)


LIB 1000. Information Literacy Exam. 0 Hours.

Students who successfully pass the Information Literacy Exam will receive a grade of 'P' (passing) in this zero-credit class, signifying that the student has completed the Dixie State University Information Literacy General Education requirement. Prerequisite: Instructor permission. FA, SP, SU.

LIB 1010. Information Literacy. 1 Hour.

Fulfills general Education Information Literacy requirement by introducing students to university-level research in an online course. Students will learn to determine the extent of information needed; access the needed information effectively and efficiently; evaluate information and its sources critically; incorporate selected information into one's knowledge base; use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose; understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information; and access and use information ethically and legally. Competency-based course, graded Pass/Fail. FA, SP, SU.