Statistics (STAT)


STAT 2040. Business Statistics. 3 Hours.

Required of students pursuing School of Business degrees or emphases. Introduction to basic statistical reasoning, including data distributions, descriptive statistics, probability and probability distributions, and sampling distributions, as well as inferential methods such as tests of hypotheses, analysis of variance, "Goodness of Fit", and regression. Prerequisites: CIS 2010 and MATH 1010 or MATH 1000 (Grade C or higher) within two years of enrollment in this course; OR ACT or equivalent placement score 23 or higher, or CPT placement score of 89 or higher within two years of enrollment in this course. FA, SP, SU.

STAT 3200. Advanced Statistical Methods. 3 Hours.

For students pursuing degrees in the School of Business. Surveys theory and practice of statistical research design, including will learn qualitative and quantitative research design methods and conducting analysis using statistical software. Prerequisites: STAT 2040 (Grade C- or higher); and Advanced standing.