Social Work (SW)


SW 1010. Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare. 3 Hours.

An introduction to the history and development of professional social work including basic principles and values, areas of practice, and work opportunities, including examination of the theoretical foundations for work with organizations, groups, and individuals, with an emphasis on each student's exploration of the values and belief systems that would affect their practice in the field. FA.

SW 2300. Social Work as an Institution. 3 Hours.

Introductory course providing undergraduate students with a framework for understanding the social welfare system in the United States and identifying major social problems facing contemporary American society such as poverty, racism and discrimination, child abuse, domestic violence, chronic illness, mental illness, substance abuse, crime and delinquency, unemployment and homelessness and provision for the aged. Focuses on how public and private social-service agencies attempt to address these social problems. Students are asked to explore their own values and beliefs about the provision of social services to disadvantaged populations. Intended to help students explore their interests and aptitudes for careers in social work. FA.