Data Analytics Certificate

Data Analytics Certificate Requirements

21 - 24 credits

CS 1400Fundamentals of Programming3
ISA 2010Proficiency in Excel & SQL0-3
or ISA 2011 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel Expert Certification
STAT 2040Business Statistics3
or MATH 1040 Introduction to Statistics (MA)
MATH 2050Applied Statistics with Programming3
ISA 3020SQL & Python for Analytics3
ISA 4060Big Data Analytics3
or IT 4060 Big Data Analytics
ISA 4070Data Visualization and Storytelling3
MATH 4800Industrial Careers in Mathematics3
Total Hours21-24

Completion Requirements

  1. Grade C- or higher in each Discipline Core Requirement course.
  2. GPA 2.5 or higher Discipline Core Requirement courses.

Data Analytics Certificate Program Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

  1. Compose solutions to computational problems using fundamental programming abstractions.
  2. Apply data and statistical best practices to collect, cleanse, transform, and store data for subsequent analysis.
  3. Evaluate and use appropriate statistical concepts to respond to a variety of problems/issues from various disciplines.
  4. Create graphically encoded data in useful formats from previously analyzed data and demonstrate the accurate communication of the findings for data problems to decision makers with diverse skill levels.
  5. Develop, test, and implement a mathematical model of their own devising by working in teams to solve interdisciplinary problems, and write a professional report describing their model and results that meets the practical constraints of a client.