Wellness Coaching Certificate

Wellness Coaching Certificate Requirements

21-22 credits

Required Courses
XSCI 2120Principles of Fitness and Lifestyle Management3
XSCI 2200Nutrition for Sport and Exercise3
XSCI 2060Sport and Exercise Psychology3
or XSCI 4500 Theories of Behavioral Change
XSCI 3700
XSCI 3705
Physiology of Exercise
and Physiology of Exercise Lab
or XSCI 3510 Applied Exercise Physiology
XSCI 4230Applied Fitness Development for Aging and At-Risk Populations3
XSCI 4010Health Coaching Concepts and Skills I3
XSCI 4020Health Coaching Concepts and Skills II3
Total Hours21-22

Completion Requirements

  1. Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher.
  2. Grade C- or higher in each course.

Wellness Coach Certificate Program Learning Outcomes

At the successful conclusion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate approved “best practices” for communicating effectively and empathetically with clients, potentiating health and wellness behaviors.

  2. Assess strategies for facilitating behavior change by empowering the client to self-discover values, resources, and strategies that are individualized and meaningful.

  3. Develop skills to empower clients to become expert in navigating their own life, based upon personal preferences and past experiences.

  4. Identify risk factors for chronic disease, commonly used biometric measures, and current lifestyle recommendations for optimizing health, recognizing potential imminent danger and medical red flags, and to know when and how to refer to another health care professional.