Bachelor of Music Education, BME

Program Description

The Bachelor of Music Education (BME) degree provides students with the training needed to be successful as Music teachers. The program is specifically directed at secondary education, and fulfills requirements for secondary teaching licensure in the state of Utah. It also prepares students for a variety of other teaching and general music-related opportunities.

Professional Licensure/Certification (PLC) Requirements

The curriculum for programs at Utah Tech University leading to professional licensure are designed to prepare students for Utah licensure and certification requirements. Admission into programs for professions requiring licensure and certification does not guarantee that students will obtain a license or certificate. Licensure and certification requirements are set by agencies that are not controlled by or affiliated with the University, and licensure and certification requirements can change at any time. 

Licensure boards in each state establish requirements for licensure and certification for their respective state. States vary by which professions are required to be licensed and how licensure functions, and such requirements may change at any time. The terms related to licensure and certification, among others, also vary by state as well.

Students and prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact the state licensure entity in the state where they intend to work to review all licensure and certification requirements imposed by the student’s state(s) of choice. The University cannot provide verification of a student’s ability to meet licensure or certification requirements unrelated to its educational programming. Some states require individuals to complete additional requirements that are unrelated to educational prerequisites. For more information, visit the State Authorization and Professional Licensure web page and select the program, or speak to the director of the program. 

Utah Tech University shall not be held liable if a student is unable to qualify for licensure or certification in any jurisdiction.

This disclosure is made pursuant to 34 CFR §668.43(a)(5)(v)(C).

Program Curriculum

127-131 credits

Utah Tech General Education Requirements

All Utah Tech General Education requirements must be fulfilled. A previously earned degree may fulfill those requirements, but courses must be equivalent to Utah Tech's minimum General Education standards in American Institutions, English, and Mathematics.

General Education Core Requirements
American Institutions3-6
Life Sciences 3-10
Physical Sciences3-5
Laboratory Science0-1
Fine Arts3
Social & Behavioral Sciences3
Exploration 3-5

Admission Requirements for Secondary Education Program

To be admitted to the Secondary Education Program and enroll in professional courses:

  • USBE R277-504-3 A(3) “requires candidates to maintain a cumulative university GPA of 3.0, and receive a C or better in all education related courses and major required content courses"

and students must pass the appropriate PRAXIS II content area subject test(s). In addition, one of the following must be completed:

  • Students with BA/BS degrees in progress must have completed at least 95% of major coursework and have approval of major academic content area department advisor
  • Students with completed BA/BS or higher degrees must have their transcripts reviewed by content area department advisor

Secondary Education Program Preparatory Requirements

HIST 1700American History (AI)3
or POLS 1100 American Government (AI)
FSHD 1500Human Development Lifespan (SS, GC)3
or PSY 1010 General Psychology (SS, GC)
or PSY 1100 Human Development Through Lifespan (SS, GC)
EDUC 1010Foundations/Intro to Education3
or MUSC 1700 Intro to Music Education
EDUC 2010Intro to Exceptional Learners3
EDUC 2400Foundations Multicultural/ESL (SS, GC, ALCI)3
EDUC 2500Instructional Technology in K-12 Classrooms (Must be taken within the last 5 years)3
EDUC 3110Educational Psychology3

Secondary Education Program Professional Requirements

Semester I
SCED 3720Reading Writing Content Areas (ALPP)2
SCED 4100Curriculum and Instruction3
SCED 4200Secondary Assessment2
SCED 4600Classroom Management (ALPP)3
SCED 4300Practicum Seminar3
MUSC 4700Choral Music Methods3
or MUSC 4710 Instrumental Music Methods
Semester II
SCED 4900Secondary Student Teaching10
SCED 4989Student Teaching Capstone3

Music Requirements

Music Core Courses
Complete a minimum of four (4) semesters:
MUSC 1000RConcert Attendance0
Complete all of the following:
MUSC 1001First Year Experience: Music2
MUSC 1050Introduction to World Music (FA)3
MUSC 1110Music Theory I (Prerequisites: MUSC 1100 or grade C or higher on the Music Department theory test) 13
MUSC 1120Music Theory II3
MUSC 1130Ear Training & Sight Singing I1
MUSC 1140Ear Training/Sight Singing II1
MUSC 2110Music Theory III3
MUSC 2120Music Theory IV3
MUSC 2130Ear Training/Sight Singing III1
MUSC 2140Ear Training/Sight Singing IV1
MUSC 2350Fundamentals of Conducting2
MUSC 4880Music Education Recital1
Take any two (2) of the following:
MUSC 3630Music History & Literature I3
MUSC 3640Music History & Literature II3
MUSC 3650Music History and Literature III3
Music Education Requirements
MUSC 1730Vocal Study1
MUSC 1740Percussion Study1
MUSC 1750String Study1
MUSC 1760Brass Study1
MUSC 1770Woodwind Study1
MUSC 3222Choral Conducting2
or MUSC 3380 Instrumental Conducting
MUSC 4600Music Rehearsal Techniques2
Private Lessons
Complete four (4) credits from the following:
MUSC 1810RPrivate Lesson I Major: Vocal1
MUSC 1811RPrivate Lesson I Major: Piano1
MUSC 1812RPrivate Lesson I Major: Brass1
MUSC 1813RPrivate Lesson I Major: String1
MUSC 1814RPrivate Lesson I Major: Woodwind1
MUSC 1815RPrivate Lesson I Major: Guitar1
MUSC 1816RPrivate Lesson I Major: Organ1
MUSC 1821RPrivate Lesson I Major: Percussion1
MUSC 2810RPrivate Lesson II Major: Vocal1
MUSC 2811RPrivate Lesson II Major: Piano1
MUSC 2812RPrivate Lesson II Major: Brass1
MUSC 2813RPrivate Lesson II Major: String1
MUSC 2814RPrivate Lesson II Major: Woodwind1
MUSC 2815RPrivate Lesson II Major: Guitar1
MUSC 2816RPrivate Lesson II Major: Organ1
MUSC 2821RPrivate Lesson II Major: Percussion1
Complete three (3) credits from the following:
MUSC 3810RPrivate Lesson III Major: Vocal1
MUSC 3811RPrivate Lesson III Major: Piano1
MUSC 3812RPrivate Lesson III Major: Brass1
MUSC 3813RPrivate Lesson III Major: String1
MUSC 3814RPrivate Lesson III Major: Woodwind1
MUSC 3815RPrivate Lesson III Major: Guitar1
MUSC 3816RPrivate Lesson III Major: Organ1
MUSC 3821RPrivate Lesson III Major: Percussion1
MUSC 4610RPrivate Lesson IV Major: Vocal1
MUSC 4611RPrivate Lesson IV Major: Piano1
MUSC 4612RPrivate Lesson IV Major: Brass1
MUSC 4613RPrivate Lesson IV Major: Strings1
MUSC 4614RPrivate Lesson IV Major: Woodwinds1
MUSC 4615RPrivate Lesson IV Major: Guitar1
MUSC 4616RPrivate Lesson IV Major: Organ1
MUSC 4621RPrivate Lesson IV Major: Percussion1
Complete seven (7) credits in the following large ensembles:
MUSC 3250RConcert Choir1
MUSC 3310RSymphonic Band1
MUSC 3350RUniversity Orchestra1
Complete two (2) credits in the following small ensembles:
MUSC 3270RChamber Singers1
MUSC 3360RUniversity Chamber Orchestra1
MUSC 3370RGuitar Ensemble1
MUSC 4430RString Chamber Music1
MUSC 4431RWoodwind Chamber Music1
MUSC 4432RBrass Chamber Music1
MUSC 4433RPiano Ensemble1
MUSC 4485RPercussion Ensemble1
Piano Proficiency 2


  1. No more than 4 credits of private lessons may be transferred from another institution.
  2. No more than 4 credits of ensembles may be transferred from another institution.
  3. Each private lesson course may be repeated up to 2 credits.
  4. Each ensemble course may be repeated up to 8 credits.
  5. Students are limited to no more than 3 ensemble courses per semester.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 127 college-level credits (1000 and above).
  2. Complete at least 40 upper-division credits (3000 and above).
  3. Complete at least 30 upper-division credits at Utah Tech for institutional residency.
  4. Cumulative university GPA 3.0 or higher.
  5. Grade C or higher required (not C-) in each Music core course, ensemble, and private lessons.
  6. USBE R277-504-3 A(3) “requires candidates to maintain a cumulative university GPA of 3.0, and receive a C or better in all education related courses and major required content courses"
  7. 3.0 GPA in program prerequisite and professional courses required.

Graduation Plan

1st Year
Fall SemesterHoursSpring SemesterHours
MUSC 10012MUSC 1000R0
MUSC 1000R0MUSC 11203
MUSC 11103MUSC 11401
MUSC 11301MUSC 1700 or EDUC 10103
MUSC 2150R (Prerequisite: MUSC 1150R or 1160R, or Music Placement Score)1MUSC 2160R (Prerequisite: MUSC 1150R or 1160R or 2150R, or Music Placement Score)1
MUSC 18XX Private Lesson1MUSC 23502
MUSC Ensemble (L)Large Ensemble (Band, Choir, Orchestra)1MUSC 18XX Private Lesson1
MUSC Ensemble (S) Small Ensemble (See Catalog)1MUSC Ensemble (L) Large Ensemble (Band, Choir, Orchestra)1
ENGL 10103MUSC Ensemble (S) Small Ensemble (See Catalog)1
General Education (Mathematics -MATH 1030 Recommended)3ENGL 20103
 16 16
2nd Year
Fall SemesterHoursSpring SemesterHours
MUSC 1000R0MUSC 1000R0
MUSC 21103MUSC 21203
MUSC 21301MUSC 21401
MUSC 17701MUSC 17301
MUSC 28XX Private Lesson1MUSC 17401
MUSC Ensemble (L) Large Ensemble (Band, Choir, Orchestra)1MUSC 3380 or 32222
EDUC 2400 (GLOCUP)3MUSC 28XX Private Lesson1
PSY 1010, 1100, or FSHD 15003MUSC Ensemble (L) Large Ensemble (Band, Choir, Orchestra)1
General Education (Life Sciences)3MUSC 10503
 EDUC 20103
 16 16
3rd Year
Fall SemesterHoursSpring SemesterHours
MUSC 17601MUSC 17501
MUSC 3630 or 36503MUSC 36403
MUSC 38XX Private Lesson1MUSC 4700 or 47103
MUSC Ensemble (L) Large Ensemble (Band, Choir, Orchestra)1MUSC 46002
HIST 1700 or POLS 11003MUSC 38XX Private Lesson1
General Education (Literature/Humanities)3MUSC Ensemble (L) Large Ensemble (Band, Choir, Orchestra)1
General Education (Physical Sciences)3EDUC 25003
General Education (Physical Sciences Lab))1EDUC 31103
 16 17
4th Year
Fall SemesterHoursSpring SemesterHours
MUSC 48XX Private Lesson1SCED 490010
MUSC Ensemble (L) Large Ensemble (Band, Choir, Orchestra)1SCED 49893
MUSC 48801 
SCED 37202 
SCED 41003 
SCED 42002 
SCED 43003 
SCED 46003 
 16 13
Total Hours 126

BS Music Education Program Learning Outcomes

At the successful conclusion of this program, students will be able to:

1. Analyze and evaluate the elements, forms, and processes in music.

2. Describe, categorize, and assess the major historical periods, composers, styles, and genres of music.

3. Develop and defend musical judgements, and self-assess their efforts.

4. Perform associated repertoire with technical proficiency and artistic expression on their instrument or voice.

5. Use collaboration and leadership skills in making music.

6. Apply pedagogical skills in their area by appropriately critiquing student work and designing an applicable learning strategy.

7. Analyze and evaluate school performance literature, method books, and teaching philosophies, and strategically design a school music program in terms of recruitment, curriculum, equity, and access.

8. Create and teach lessons and activities incorporating the Utah core music standards and informed by best practices in music pedagogy and technology, including effective classroom management, rehearsal techniques, and age/skill-appropriate assessments.