Sustainability Certificate

Sustainability Certificate requirements

23 Credits

ENVS 1210
ENVS 1215
Introduction to Environmental Science
and Introduction to Environmental Science Laboratory
ENVS 2210Environmental Pollution and Remediation Techniques (Prerequisites: MATH 1050 or higher; and CHEM 1210 and CHEM 1215)3-12
ENER 2310Energy and the Environment3
GEO 1110
GEO 1115
Physical Geology (PS)
and Physical Geology Lab (LAB)
GEO 2050Earth Materials4
GEOG 2410Paleoclimatology (Prerequisites: BIOL 1610 and BIOL 1615)3-8
ENGL 2201Literature and the Land (HU, GC)3


  1. Complete 23 credit hours of required courses.  Prerequisite courses are stacked within other degree plans.
  2. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher