Retail Management Certificate

Retail Management Certificate Requirements

30 credits

ACCT 2010Financial Accounting3
BUS 1370Human Relations3
ISA 2010Proficiency in Excel & SQL3
COMM 1020Public Speaking3
or COMM 2110 Interpersonal Communication (SS, GC)
ENGL 1010Introduction to Writing (EN)3-4
or ENGL 1010D Introduction to Writing (EN)
or ENGL 2010 Interm Writing Selected Topics: (EN)
MATH 1010Intermediate Algebra (Or Higher)3-4
MGMT 3300Human Resource Management3
MGMT 3400Management & Organizations3
or MGMT 2640 Small Business Management
MKTG 3010Marketing Principles (ALPP)3
MKTG 3900Retail Management (ALPP)3
Total Hours30-32

Completion Requirements

  1. Minimum C- grade in all other Retail Management Requirement courses. 

Retail Management Certificate Program Learning Outcomes

At the successful conclusion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Apply the foundational tools of writing, speaking, math, and computer literacy to retail business situations.
  2. Develop basic human relations, marketing, accounting, and management knowledge and skills and apply them to retail business.
  3. Understand the functional responsibilities, processes, and leadership abilities that result in building and maintaining a successful retail business.