Music Technology Certificate

Music Technology Certificate Requirements

19 Credits

General Music Courses

MUSC 1110Music Theory I (Prerequisite: MUSC 1100 or grade C or higher on Music Department theory test) 13
or MUSC 1120 Music Theory II
or MUSC 2110 Music Theory III
or MUSC 2120 Music Theory IV
MUSC 1130Ear Training & Sight Singing I1
or MUSC 1140 Ear Training/Sight Singing II
or MUSC 2130 Ear Training/Sight Singing III
or MUSC 2140 Ear Training/Sight Singing IV
Private Lessons (choose from the following):2
Select one (1) from the following courses:3
Popular Music in America (FA)
Survey of Jazz History (FA)

Music Technology Courses

MUSC 3390RElectro-Acoustic Ensemble (2 semesters)2
MUSC 2180Introduction to Music Technology3
MUSC 3180Recording Studio Techniques3
MUSC 4892RIndependent Study (Student will work with the instructor to select and complete a Music Technology project.)2

Completion Requirements

  1. Complete all coursework with grade C or higher.
  2. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

At the successful conclusion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Produce audio for live performance, streaming media, and fixed media distribution.
  2. Create and manipulate real-time and sequenced digital music data; i.e., Musical Instrument Digital Interface and Open Sound Control.
  3. Create and perform electro-acoustic music with technical facility and expressive musicianship.