Mediation Certificate

Mediation Certificate Requirements

13 credits

Required Courses
COMM 1270Critical Thinking and Communicating (SS)3
COMM 3330Negotiations and Bargaining3
COMM 3340Survey of Dispute Resolution3
COMM 3360Mediation and Negotiation3
COMM 4860Mediation Practicum1

Completion Requirements

  1. Grade C- or higher in each Discipline Core Requirement.
  2. GPA 2.5 or higher Discipline Core Requirement.

Mediation Certificate Program Learning Outcomes

At the successful conclusion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Integrate critical reasoning into the formulation and delivery of effective and ethical personal, social, professional and public oral and written messages for a variety of audience compositions in numerous mediation contexts.
  2. Analyze and critique messages in a mediation setting to determine message effectiveness ethics appropriateness and strategies utilized by the message designer.
  3. Apply effective and appropriate written oral communication skills when exposed to intercultural settings and cross-cultural environments to achieve a cultural sensitivity to diversity as well as to navigate and overcome potential communication differences in a mediation environment.