Integrated Studies - ASL Interpreter Emphasis, B.A./B.S.

ASL Program Description

Dixie State University’s American Sign Language Interpreting program is unique in southern Utah. In addition to language acquisition classes, students take classes in Deaf Culture and Interpreting. Students learn crucial communication skills such as cultural awareness and sensitivity, register and code switching, and the ability to be lifelong learners. Furthermore, they develop cultural and linguistic knowledge to navigate various social, professional and educational environments as cultural and linguistic liaisons. This program aims to prepare graduates to pass the Utah Novice Interpreting Exam.

ASL Interpreter Emphasis Prerequisites

22 credits

ASL 1010Beginning American Sign Language I (ALCI)4
ASL 1020Beginning American Sign Language II (FL, ALCI)4
ASL 1500Introduction to Deaf Culture3
ASL 2010Intermediate American Sign Language I (ALCI)4
ASL 2020Intermediate American Sign Language II (ALCI)4
ASL 2300Introduction to Interpreting3

ASL Interpreter Emphasis Requirements 

26 credits

ASL 2000Fingerspelling and Numbers in American Sign Language2
ASL 3060Advanced American Sign Language I3
ASL 3070Advanced American Sign Language II3
Acceptance to the ASL Interpreter Emphasis required for the following:
ASL 3300Current Trends in Interpreting (ALPP)3
ASL 3400American Sign Language Linguistics3
ASL 4300Transliterating3
ASL 4350Advanced Interpreting (ALPP)3
ASL 4500Advanced Deaf Culture3
ASL 4700Ethics of Interpreting3


  1. Students must select and complete two emphases and Core Requirements.
  2. Unless otherwise noted, a grade of C or higher in each Emphasis Area course is required.