Integrated Studies - Digital Design Emphasis, B.A./B.S.

Digital Design Emphasis Requirements

27 credits

Emphasis Requirements
ART 1110Drawing and Composition3
DES 1100Intro to Digital Design3
DES 1300Design I3
or ART 1120 2-Dimensional Design
DES 2100Design Thinking3
DES 2300Design II3
DES 2710Typography I3
WEB 1400Web Design I: Fundamentals (ALCS)3
Complete 12 credits from the following
DES 3400Information Design3
DES 3500Interface Design3
DES 36003-D Visualization3
DES 36503-D Animation3
DES 3710Typography II3
DES 3780Production Design3
DES 3800Branding3
DES 3850Graphic Design Problems3
DES 4100Interaction Design3
DES 4650Publication Design3
DES 4900RIndependent Research1-3
DES 4990Special Topics in Design3


  1. Students may only apply one Computer & Information Technology Emphasis to an Integrated Studies degree.
  2. Students must select and complete two emphases and Core Requirements.
  3. Grade C or higher in each Emphasis Area course required.
  4. Courses dual-listed in ART/ARTH may only be used to fill a requirement in ONE emphasis.