Integrated Studies - Music Emphasis, B.A./B.S.

Music Emphasis Requirements

31 credits

Emphasis Requirements
MUSC 1110Music Theory I3
MUSC 1120Music Theory II3
MUSC 1130Ear Training & Sight Singing I1
MUSC 1140Ear Training/Sight Singing II1
MUSC 3630Music History & Literature I3
MUSC 3640Music History & Literature II3
Complete 13 credits from the following (9 credits must be upper-division):
MUSC 1020Popular Music in America (FA)3
MUSC 1050Introduction to World Music (FA)3
MUSC 1236Survey of Jazz History (FA)3
MUSC 2110Music Theory III3
MUSC 2120Music Theory IV3
MUSC 2130Ear Training/Sight Singing III1
MUSC 2140Ear Training/Sight Singing IV1
MUSC 2180Introduction to Music Technology3
MUSC 2350Fundamentals of Conducting2
MUSC 3221Choral Literature2
MUSC 3222Choral Conducting2
MUSC 3380Instrumental Conducting2
MUSC 3400RMusic Composition2
MUSC 3540Form and Analysis3
MUSC 3861Diction for Singers I2
MUSC 3862Diction for Singers II2
MUSC 3865Piano Pedagogy I2
MUSC 3866Piano Pedagogy II2
MUSC 4538Orchestration3
MUSC 4630String Pedagogy2
MUSC 4632String Literature2
MUSC 4640Percussion Pedagogy & Literature2
MUSC 4661Vocal Pedagogy2
MUSC 4662Vocal Literature2
MUSC 4665Piano Literature I2
MUSC 4666Piano Literature II2
Complete 2 credits of private lessons from the following:
Private Music Lesson / Majors I1
MUSC 1810RPrivate Lesson I Major: Vocal1
MUSC 1811RPrivate Lesson I Major: Piano1
MUSC 1812RPrivate Lesson I Major: Brass1
MUSC 1813RPrivate Lesson I Major: String1
MUSC 1814RPrvt Lesson I Major: Woodwind1
MUSC 1815RPrivate Lesson I Major: Guitar1
MUSC 1816RPrivate Lesson I Major: Organ1
MUSC 1821RPrvt Lesson I Major Percussion1
Private Music Lesson / Majors II1
MUSC 2810RPrivate Lesson II Major: Vocal1
MUSC 2811RPrivate Lesson II Major: Piano1
MUSC 2812RPrivate Lesson II Major: Brass1
MUSC 2813RPrvt Lesson II Major: String1
MUSC 2814RPrvt Lesson II Major Woodwind1
MUSC 2815RPrvt Lesson II Major: Guitar1
MUSC 2816RPrivate Lesson II Major: Organ1
MUSC 2821RPrvtLesson II Major Percussion1
Private Music Lesson / Majors III1
MUSC 3810RPrvt Lesson III Major: Vocal1
MUSC 3811RPrvt Lesson III Major: Piano1
MUSC 3812RPrvt Lesson III Major:Brass1
MUSC 3813RPrvt Lesson III Major: String1
MUSC 3814RPrvt Lesson III Major:Woodwind1
MUSC 3815RPrvt Lesson III Major: Guitar1
MUSC 3816RPrvt Lesson III Major: Organ1
MUSC 3821RPrvt Lesson III Maj Percussion1
Private Music Lesson / Majors IV1
MUSC 4610RPrvt Lesson IV Major: Vocal1
MUSC 4611RPrvt Lesson IV Major: Piano1
MUSC 4612RPrvt Lesson IV: Brass1
MUSC 4613RPrvt Lesson IV: Strings1
MUSC 4614RPrvt Lesson IV Major:Woodwinds1
MUSC 4615RPrvt Lesson IV Major: Guitar1
MUSC 4616RPrvt Lesson IV Major: Organ1
MUSC 4621RPrvt Lesson IV Maj: Percussion1
Complete 2 credits of ensemble courses from the following:
MUSC 3250RConcert Choir1
MUSC 3270RChamber Singers1
MUSC 3310RSymphony Band1
MUSC 3350RSymphony Orchestra1
MUSC 3360RChamber Orchestra1
MUSC 3370RGuitar Ensemble1
MUSC 3390RElectro-Acoustic Ensemble1
MUSC 4430RString Chamber Music1
MUSC 4431RWoodwind Chamber Music1
MUSC 4432RBrass Chamber Music1
MUSC 4433RPiano Ensemble1
MUSC 4485RPercussion Ensemble1


  1. A private lesson class may be repeated up to 2 credits in fulfillment of this requirement.
  2. An ensemble class may be repeated up to 2 credits in fulfillment of this requirement.
  3. Students must select and complete two emphases and Core Requirements.
  4. Grade C or higher in each Emphasis Area course required.