Concurrent Enrollment

Director: Kevin Simmons
Phone: 435-652-7671
Administrative Assistant: Sheila Cannon
Phone: 435-652-7739

The Concurrent Enrollment program is a great opportunity for a high school student to earn college/university credits which will also fulfill high school requirements for graduation.  For example, if a student takes ENGL 1010 through Concurrent Enrollment, it will also meet the student's Junior or Senior year Language Arts requirement.  Concurrent Enrollment courses can be taken on the high school campus, DSU campus and online. It is a state sponsored program which funds the majority of the cost, requiring each student to contribute just $5 per credit hour partial tuition.  To get started, a student should visit with their high school counselor and make sure that enrollment in university courses is part of their CCR plan. 

To participate in concurrent enrollment, a student must:

  • Meet eligibility requirements and be approved through the student’s Career and College Readiness Plan by the high school counselor to participate
    • Be completing requirements for graduation at an approved, state funded, public or charter high school
    • Take at least one class at the high school
    • Be a high school junior or senior (sophomores by exception)
    • Have a high school GPA of at least 3.0
  • Apply for admission to Dixie State University and pay the admission fee
    • Non US Citizens can apply but must submit a W-9S form
    • Foreign Exchange students are not eligible for concurrent enrollment
  • Submit a CE Registration form  including a high school transcript, required test scores and parent participation form
    • Enroll for no more than 15 credits per semester / 30 credits per academic year (summer semester is not currently available for concurrent enrollment)
  • Pay $5/per credit hour partial tuition (HS fee waivers do not apply)
    • Only university courses on the DSU CE Master list are approved for concurrent enrollment credit at the partial tuition price​
  • Purchase any textbooks and other materials if required

At the end of fall and spring semesters, a concurrent enrollment student receives a grade(s) on a Dixie State University transcript which is an official and permanent document. Grades earned will affect the Grade Point Average (GPA) for future scholastic progress including financial aid eligibility and the ability to receive a scholarship in college. Grades are also sent to the high school to be posted on the student’s high school transcript.