Academic Performance Center

Director: Rob Gray
Location: Holland Centennial Commons (HCC) 431
Phone: (435) 879-4731

Tutoring is one of the most widely used of the Dixie State University-sponsored learning assistance services and is available to all registered, degree-seeking DSU students.

Tutoring is available at no cost to all DSU students who are seeking assistance in science, languages, history, and many other courses from across campus. Detailed schedules are prepared weekly so that students may easily access current information on available tutoring. The study hall concept is probably most popular because of its flexibility in allowing students to get help at their convenience during posted hours rather than making and keeping appointments. Students work on assignments independently while having the opportunity for tutor assistance when needed, but they often also form casual study groups in which to learn together.

In addition to study hall tutoring, individualized appointments are also available. Tutoring by appointment provides students with an in-depth study session with a dedicated peer tutor for thirty-minute appointments.  In these appointments, students and tutors can work uninterrupted in private study rooms; this is ideal for students who may be stuck on a difficult concept, want to review for a test, or just need someone to run flashcards with.  Appointments can by made by calling 435.879.4731 or stopping by the Academic Performance Center in person.

The Academic Performance Center features the newest of campus facilities and equipment to assist tutors and students reach their cooperative goals.  The Center is designed to be as user-friendly and helpful as possible. Although tutored courses vary by day, week and semester, because they are subject to student demand, tutor availability, and budget constraints, the goal of the Academic Performance Center is to make tutoring possible in as many disciplines as possible.

Tutors are primarily recruited from qualified members of the student body who demonstrate proficiency in their coursework and relevant interpersonal skills. Students who believe they would be successful at peer tutoring are encouraged to contact the Center Coordinator for details and applications.