Parking Management

Location: SCC 135
Phone: (435) 879-4335
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00AM-3:00PM

Regulations and Information

The following is a brief synopsis of the parking and traffic regulations enforced by Dixie State University. This information is prepared in an effort to assist students, faculty, staff, and visitors with the general knowledge of parking and traffic regulations on state owned and operated property. It is intended that this information will assist students, faculty, staff, and visitors in avoiding delays, accidents, injury, and the legal sanctions associated with the violation of the parking and traffic rules and regulations documented in this section.

Legally Registered Vehicles Only

All motor vehicles entering campus boundaries or remaining upon state owned property must be properly licensed.

Mandatory Parking Permit Required

All student, faculty, and staff motor vehicles parked on campus must bear a valid Dixie State University parking permit (53B-3-107). Any vehicle found on campus without such a permit will be cited and a status check will be conducted to determine the purpose and intent of the driver/owner, thus providing the Parking Management and Security Offices a key resource for detecting those whose presence on campus may be of concern to the safety and welfare of students and employees.

Parking permits can be purchased online or at the Cashier’s Office (cash or check only) located in the Holland Centennial Commons, 1st floor.

The cost per permit for the 2018 – 2019 school year (from August 1st – July 31st) is as follows:

  • Students: $50 
  • Faculty & Staff: $50 
  • Economy: $20

Replacement permits cost $15.

Hang tag from the rear view mirror with the permit number facing out toward the front windshield.

More information on parking services may be found online at