Student Success

Location: Browning Resource Center
Office Room 114
Phone: (435) 879-4613

Student Success Program for Structured Enrollment

The Student Success Program is a mandated program for academically at-risk students.  The program provides a supportive network and structure for success during the first year of college.  Students identified as having an index of less than 45 complete targeted student success courses that provide them with specific skills and supportive services to ensure their college success.

Each student in the program is assigned a Success Coach, who assesses students’ needs and goals, and provides support and accountability.  The Student Success Program works collaboratively with Academic Advisement to place students in a schedule of courses that support their pathway to success.  Each student works with their Success Coach to help him or her navigate the college campus, engage in campus events, and serve as a liaison in the early alert system.

The Student Success Program fosters a sense of belonging by helping students connect with each other and DSU resources. It also helps them develop in study skills, time management, G.R.I.T., motivation, goal setting, career exploration, and campus engagement.

The Student Success Program teaches student success courses during the first and second semester to help the students learn the foundational skills for success. The program also provides a framework to connect students to the program, people and resources specifically designed to help them succeed.  Students in the Student Success Program are encouraged to work toward an associate degree as a building block towards a bachelor’s degree. 

Students admitted into the Student Success Program are required to:

  • Complete Program Orientation, New Student Intake and Program Agreement
  • Meet with Success Coach throughout the semester
  • Complete prescribed first (SSC 1020) and second semester (SSC 1060) student success courses
  • Meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for classes.  A registration hold is placed on the student account to ensure the student meets with their advisor and the student’s class schedule is optimal for their success
  • Complete GE math and English requirements as guided by their advisor

Students who complete these requirements will graduate from the Student Success Program. Student who don’t meet these requirements may lose their eligibility for the Student Success Program.