Student Success Center

Location: Browning Resource Center
Office Room 115 A
Phone: (435) 879-4690

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center (SSC) at Dixie State University is a collaboration of various student-centered programs and resources geared towards helping our students achieve their educational and personal goals.  Whether you are the first student in your family to attend college or have struggled in the past with your academics or you feel that you don’t “fit in” because you transferred to Dixie or are not a “traditional” student – we are here for you. Our Success Center utilizes Peer Coaches, who are current students, that help to bridge the gap for any incoming freshman student who is seeking additional support and direction.

First Year Experience

All degree-seeking students who come to Dixie State University are strongly encouraged to take a First Year Experience (FYE) course during their freshman year.  Transfer students with less than 24 credits are also strongly encouraged to enroll in an FYE course.  These courses are designed to help all new students make a successful transition to being a college student. Research has shown that students who participate in an FYE course perform better in college and have a higher rate of persistence toward graduation.

All FYE courses contain a core curriculum designed to help students:

  1. Get to know Dixie State University, including campus resources, policies and procedures, locations of buildings on campus, student rights and responsibilities, and how to get involved in co-curricular activities.
  2. Explore degree and career options, including fulfilling general education requirements, exploring career options, and building a graduation plan.
  3. Learn college survival skills, such as campus safety, time management, dealing with stress, staying healthy, networking, staying motivated, and handling finances.
  4. Acquire the skills and strategies needed for academic success, including using a syllabus, reading college textbooks, communicating effectively with professors, taking good notes, studying effectively, and test-taking strategies.

FYE courses are taught by many departments on campus including business (BUS 1001), psychology (PSY 1001), music (MUSC 1001), education (EDUC 1001), nursing (NURS 1001), and biology (BIOL 1001). Students who have decided what degree they want to pursue or who would like to find out more about the degrees in a specific department are encouraged to take the FYE course in that department. Students who have not declared a major are encouraged to enroll in SSC 1001.

Student athletes are required to take PEHR 1001, which will assist them with issues specific to their educational path.

International students should take SSC 1005.  International Student Services can provide assistance in registering for these courses.

All FYE courses are one credit hour, which will count toward electives needed for graduation (exception: ENGR 1000 is 2 credit hours). However, only one FYE course may be used to fulfill graduation requirements.