Testing Center

Director:Tamron Lee
LocationNorth Plaza Building

The Testing Center at DSU is comprised of three (3) separate testing operations: a Student Testing Center, a Prometric Center, and a Professional Testing Center. The Student Testing Center is used by Dixie State University students who need to take an exam for one of their classes, and by anyone wanting to take a college placement test. The Prometric Center is a partnership between Prometric and DSU where many different certification exams can be taken. The Professional Testing Center can be used by both students and professionals for various paid tests, as well as proctored exams for other colleges and universities.


DSU Testing Services offers exams from professional vendors and organizations; the most popular tests are listed below.  Additional tests and information may be found at testing.dixie.edu.

Accuplacer Placement testsCLEP
ACT Residual TestingGED
BYU (FLATS language exams and off-site academic exams)Kaplan

Standardized Testing

DSU Testing Services rents space to various national testing companies for the administration of the following standardized tests:

  • ACT national exams
  • SAT national exams
  • Praxis (paper-based)

Rules and Regulations

  1. All DSU classroom tests are free.
  2. To take a DSU classroom test, the student will need to know the teacher’s name and class subject.
  3. Students must have a valid photo ID and student number. (Student number not needed to take a placement test).
  4. If a scantron is needed for the test, the student will need to provide one. The Testing Center sells them for 25 cents.
  5. If a student is taking a test with a fee involved, Testing Center staff can accept a check or cash. Credit cards may also be used by utilizing the online payment system linked to the Testing Center's webpage. Students can use the payment kiosk located at the front desk or they can pay online elsewhere and bring a printed receipt. It is also possible to pay online using an e-check.
  6. When a student is checked in, they will need to put all belongings in a red or white bag located on the table by the entrance. They will take this bag with them and place it under their desk. If they have a cell phone, it must be turned OFF and put into a small zipper bag located at the front desk.
  7. Each student will be given a seat or computer number designating where they should sit.
  8. We will check a student’s photo ID twice each time they test: first when they check in, and then again when they either have a password entered or turn in their paper test.
  9. The Testing Center is generally open seven days a week for DSU classroom testing during Fall and Spring semesters, and five days a week during summer semester. (Hours may be changed due to summer, holidays and school vacations.)
  10. Check our website for open days and testing information.